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Bart Vertriest was born in Ghent (Belgium) in 1974 and grew up in a creative family, surrounded by music, art, painting, photography and film, …

At the age of 12, he went to graphic school (HIGRO-VISO Mariakerke), getting acquainted with traditional drawing techniques, graphic design, typography and… the photography darkroom!
Of course in these days, everything was still analogue, the use of computers was not involved until around 1993. So when he graduated in 1995, Bart only had a few years of experience with graphic software, but he was very excited and eager to learn more. Although there were no Photoshop lessons in school at that time, he discovered a great passion for photo editing at home.

Immediately after his last exams of his final year, Bart started working as a graphic designer at Image Building, a publicity agency in Antwerp. In 1996 he was contacted by Spector photo lab (Wetteren) as they needed a photo editing specialist. It was a perfect fit.

While still working at Spector in 1998, he started his own small company, and began with taking on freelance projects. His flair and skills were soon discovered by fashion photographers and agencies, both home and abroad.

In 2002, Bart decided to take the leap and move to full-time self-employment, resigned his job and transformed his small business to a full-grown company. Redhouse was born.

Redhouse is continuing to help photographers by enhancing the strong elements of their photography, aiding publicity clients with stunning story telling visuals, and participating in making beautiful artwork with creative and talented people. Bart is, and always has been, a team player.